Thoughts Make Things is the independent design studio of Art Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator Lydia Lapinski. 

My aim is to produce highly creative, ideas-led work that is engaging, inspiring and beautiful, as well as being functional and educational. I enjoy working on projects that align with my own values of promoting learning, creativity, community and play.

I work with a mixture of my own clients and other agencies, offering a variety of services including art Direction, branding, digital design, graphic design, illustration, packaging design, product design and set design.

Before setting up Thoughts Make Things in 2008 (previously named ‘Studio Binky’) I worked as a graphic designer, art director and head of design for top design agencies including The Designers Republic, Studio Output, Iris Associates and Pimoroni. I was one of the first designers to work at Studio Output when they started up in 2003, and became the first female in 25 years to be employed as a designer at The Designers Republic. I have worked in design studios, advertising agencies and in-house for brands, gaining experience ranging from designing electronic PCB boards, to chocolate rabbits.
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