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Client — Pimoroni

Pimoroni are a company of makers and educators in Sheffield, UK. They are passionate about making fun, accessible and inclusive electronics, hardware and software for anyone from beginner to master.

The Flotilla starter kit is a range of smart electronic modules that can be connected together to create a wealth of amazing projects that can sense and react to real world environments and situations. The kit contains a main dock and 14 sensors, two wheels, motors and cables to plug in and play with. By using the sensors and motors in different combinations you can create anything, from your own tiny synthersier, to a remote control car. The whole kit enables people to learn how to create with technology.

I designed and art directed the entire project, designing the identity, icons, pcb art, packaging, stickers, papercraft projects, software and website.

Available to purchase here.

Photography by Sandy McDonald

Art Direction / Identity Design / Product Design / Packaging Design / Digital Design / Illustration

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