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Client — ProCo

ProCo were originally a print company, but started to offer so many types of services that it was begging to make life complicated for them. They needed a way to show their business in a simple but interesting way.

Always up for a challenge, I created a 14 meter long set from paper, props and items I found at the ProCo factory. I handmade all other items including a metre-long 3D rainbow, a cardboard city, a pot plant and a miniature post box. A warehouse was hired to set up the scenes, which were all shot in one week, stitching them together to make a long pull-out for the brochure. We even painted the warehouse floor for some extra shine. I designed the entire brochure and art directed every shot inside, including building tour, staff portraits. 

Designed at Iris Associates / Photography by Tom Jackson

Art Direction / Illustration  / Graphic Design / Set Build

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