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Client — Artfelt 

Artfelt transforms the Sheffield Children’s Hospital’s walls and spaces with bright art, helping children recover in an environment tailored to them. The programme also puts on workshops for youngsters to provide distraction during anxious moments – such as before an operation, and to break up long stays on the wards.

The Neurophysio rooms at Sheffield Children's Hospital see children for Electroencephalographs - tests which record the electrical impulses that the brain produces while sending and receiving messages to and from the body.

I was asked to produce interesting, but calming pieces for each room, that are uplifting and allow children to be distracted while undergoing the treatment. Using a combination of framed prints and cut vinyl, I used the theme of the outdoors to create imagery linked to Sheffield parks and animals. Patients can now look at characters playing in one of our famous parks or enjoying a day out at the local farm. Created in soothing tones, the familiarity of the locations helps calm patients.


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