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Childrens Capital of Culture SIGNALS campaign
Rotherham City Council + Rotherham Music Hub

I was commissioned by Rotherham City Council to produce a brand identity and campaign for SIGNALS, a week of half term music activities in Rotherham, including nine days of gigs, concerts, workshops and more.


It was important to me to make the campaign fun and full of life appealing to young people of all ages. I also felt the importance of showing diversity so I created a set of characters for children to connect with that would not exclude anyone by race or gender.


Children's Capital of Culture will give young people a platform to be heard, and a chance to develop, deliver and take part in a range of events, training and networking opportunities that could change their lives. It will create a lasting impact on our young people and our town, boosting local pride, nurturing creative skills, and transforming the future of Rotherham. Rotherham Music Hub provides a gateway to musical excellence, enabling the children and young people of Rotherham to have access to a life that is enriched and inspired by high quality musical experiences.

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